Homeschool FAQ

Hey everyone! I know so many of you are struggling with what to do with your kids this upcoming year. I’ve been on many calls lately and a couple Q and A’s with moms and dads who are looking at the option of homeschool. The following are my answers to a few common questions. But … More Homeschool FAQ

Peace, Love, Home

Originally posted March 11, 2016 I am a high school teacher, and I often look out on my students and am overwhelmed by how hard they work and how serious are the struggles with which they are dealing. I often tell them something like, “You guys are awesome. Look at you!” And they smile. I … More Peace, Love, Home

Post Election Survival Guide (From a Minimalist)

Originally published November 12, 2016 Hello Friends. My dad grew up in Honduras. As I child, I watched my father marvel at the idea that in America the police/military were the good guys. That education was free. That every four years there would be a peaceful exchange of power no matter how unpopular the President-elect. … More Post Election Survival Guide (From a Minimalist)

Go with the Flow

Originally posted January 4, 2016  I have this belief that if there is an area of the home that gets messy over and over, that whatever system I have in place there is not working. I know, that isn’t exactly ground-breaking stuff. But before Minimalism came into my world, I used to see this as … More Go with the Flow